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Spanish Skateboard Championship 2023


Spanish Skate Park Championship

November marks the annual return of the exciting Spanish Skateboard Championship in the park modality, organized by the National Skateboard Committee (CNS). This year, we gather again at the iconic skatepark Rubén Alcántara in the beautiful city of Málaga. Here, the best skateboarders of Spain, who have previously qualified, will compete to reach the title of champion of skateboard Spain.

For me, this event is not just a championship; it’s a meeting with friends where we share crazy days under the warm Malaga sun and in the amazing Rubén Alcántara Skate Park, one of the best skateparks in Spain.

My arrival at the park earlier in the week was a reminder of the intensity this place offers. After a year without skating it, the first few warm-up laps reminded my legs that this park is very demanding, but also incredibly fun.

The days passed between online classes in the morning and intense hours of skateboarding in the afternoon. However, on Wednesday everything changed, the girls had arrived, Gade (Gadea Moja), Naia (Naia Laso), Julia (Julia Benedetti) and Hegoa …etc, where the training sessions were no longer training… they were pure Rad time.

Champioship Skateboarding Park 2023 

clasificaciones Finales Campeonato España

SkateBoard Park Final Results | National Skate ComiteComite

Spanish Skateboard Championship 2023, began in…

Friday marked the beginning, which the national skateboarding committee marked for the official training and where everyone had impressive rounds that raised the level of the championship. I felt pressure to sharpen my tricks, knowing that this year the competition was stronger than ever and I had to hit it hard.

On Saturday, the nerves were there (as always) but the excitement of riding and competing overcame it. In the semifinals, I executed my tricks and managed to iron, securing my passage to the final, something I had set as a mental goal.

I was in the final, along with Naia Laso (Basque Country), Julia Benedetti (Galicia), Gade Moja (Basque Country) and Grusha (Catalonia), each of them with crazy rounds, with a very high level and with the same desire as me …..

so I had to give it my best. My turn came, and strangely my nerves disappeared, turned into desire and when Kini Gonzalez gave way to me … I dropped as if it were a jam at home with friends. When my 3 rounds of 50 seconds were over I was super tired, I would say better broken, but I had thrown the tricks I wanted to do, I had skated with people and had ironed, so now it was up to the judges to decide and they would not have it easy, right girls?

Campeonato España 2023

When the results were presented we were anxious to know it, we all had skated super well so anything could happen….

I want to congratulate all the girls who shared laughs, tricks and rad time, in all the championship first. And, as it could not be otherwise, Naia revalidated her place as champion of Spain 2023, Julia skated elegant, with experience demonstrating their level rising as runner-up, she was 2º place, and My like as the third best skater classified of spainish championship park 2023. Gade Moja as the fourth best skater with beautiful tricks and Grusha as fifth classified.

Finalistas Skate Park 2023

Naia Laso, Julia Benedetti, Ceci Rendueles, Gadea Moja, Grusha Reyna | Photo CNS

Thanks to everyone, to the National Skateboard Committee (CNS), thanks to Rubén Alcántara Skatepark Crew and especially to all the riders who make skateboarding more than a sport, a way of life. ¡¡¡¡¡This is skateBoarding and if you blink… you’re missing out!!!!

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