Spanish Skate Park Championship

CR Campeonato España de Park has been a dream come true in my career as a skateboarder and in my personal development last 2022.

Last November I arrived in Malaga full of illusion and with everything to prove, it was clear that it wasn’t going to be easy, but as my coach always tells me “ride Ceci, that’s what will make you great”… so besides having the luck to skate with some of the best skaters in Spain, the atmosphere, the weather and the park gave me very good vibes….

I started the rounds of the under 16 categories in which I realized …

that the Ruben Alcantara is a hard skate park and in which my legs suffered at levels … that I had never felt before … a park designed for both Bikers and Skaters would demand a lot … but after two rounds of 50 seconds, I managed to enter the final and be the number 4, which already implies that all the work I had done since the last national the wonderful Camas (Sevilla) in 2021 where I was at the doors of the final in 9th place … This result in U16 was already an unforgettable moment.

But unfortunately the points I had achieved in the U16 were not enough to be able to compete in the senior category … because in Asturias there is no regional circuit and I have no points and the previous national qualifying event, which had been held in Madrid, for reasons of academic agenda and to prevent any injury prior to my trip to California to train in CA-TF …. it had not been possible to attend… so it seemed all was lost…but it was not so !!!!!!

The lack of a rider who had qualified in Madrid, but who had not presented herself gave me the possibility by the National Skate Committee to enter the open participation.

The lack of a rider who had not been presented gave me the possibility by the Spanish National Skate Committee to enter the open participation and to test myself against the most consecrated and with years of experience in park as Naia Laso, Daniel Terol, Gadea Moja, Andrea Garcia … or the Olympian Julia Benedetti, it seemed a dream I was going to skate with the biggest !!!! wow!!!

Feeber en skater park Encinitas

I knew that my U16 rounds needed some modification.

I knew that my U16 rounds needed some modification in terms of tricks and above all try to get my final alley up in the 50second and put more tricks in spine zones … and fly the fs ollie as if there was no tomorrow… I was among the best I had to “skate or die”….

And so it did, I flew a melon over the dune, big fontside smith over the curve that I was so scared of… after that the rest would be to enjoy… and so it was… I planked everything that I was going to do. I honestly didn’t care how it looked or not, I had done everything I knew and I was happy. ….

When the scores came out I couldn’t believe it, I was 4th, just tenths of a second behind 3rd Gade and only Naia and Daniela were ahead….. I can’t express what I felt!!! well yes it was an incredible moment!!!!

Obviously by skating invited in the absolute category, my place would count for the championship but the National Skate Committee explained to me that they could not integrate me as the 4th best Skater of Spain in the ranking for obvious reasons but they could consider me in the top 7 which being honest with myself I loved and they gave me the impulse to continue growing as a rider in the world of Skate board!!!!.

So, counting the days for the next calls planned for the Championships of Spain Park 2023.