Spain Beach Surf

CRPlaya España (Spain Beach Surf)  Surfes is a sandy beach a few kilometers from Gijón belonging to the council of Villaviciosa. Since I was a child I always came with my parents to spend the weekends, because although in recent years has more affluence than usual, it has always been a busy place but not too much.

The mythical “before it was better” 

Playa España Surf is oriented to the north, and it receives the swells with intensity, which makes it difficult to surf when there is too much sea. Nevertheless we have the possibility of surfing almost all year round and it would be impossible to define a point of tide which is the right one… because here, without a doubt, the mythical “before it was better” is fulfilled, something that all the surfers suffer too often…jiji.

With the mouth of the river Spain the beach is divided into two breakers as unstable as the passage of the clouds, this spot may in the same tide is able to change several times the condition, then if you want to surf the perfect wave… yes, those 3/4 s with force that are put right on the shore … you will have no choice but to go to spain …. and if it’s summer and it’s not good… you can always have a drink at Ñole!!!

Surfin all year round

Playa España is a sandy spot during most of the year, although with the entrance of the hardest swell of the winter it often moves all the sand offshore leaving a large area of round rocks uncovered, which makes, especially in summer, that the traditional bathing is sometimes quite complicated.

It is a beach of strong currents and consistent waves in which it is possible to surf left and right either from the llonga or from under the Ipanema. Even so do not get excited because as I said a moment ago its operation depends more than physical conditions of the terrain … to the divine luck that you carry with you and that everything works throughout the bath!!!!!

But with all this the users that every week we pass by here … we adore it with its good and bad things … Playa Extraña, as some locals colloquially call it … is my place of relaxation and where I spend many hours of the year!!!!

How to get to Playa España

Here is the address and coordinates to access the PLAYA EXTRAÑA on your next trip toAsturias!!!!