Skatepark indoor Guajes Skate Gijón

Anniversary Skatepark indoor Guajes Skate Gijón, has celebrated its 6th anniversary and how could it be otherwise Marcos and Jany have made a good one.

I still remember that day when the indoor skate school Guajes Skate Gijón opened its doors and I entered for the first time in an indoor skatepark, at that time I had no idea what it would mean for me in the future … and if I had to blame someone for my addiction … it would be those “Guajes”.

Here I started skating, here I made friends and still, to this day, whenever I can and I’m not traveling I skate with the mythical riders of Gijon, “Foni”, “Lolo”, “Aitorete”, “Fu” … in addition to my friends Felix, Alvarin, Alex, Sara, Marco, Samu ….. etc … of which every day I share session I continue to contribute, correcting and helping me to improve in addition to helping me keep my feet on the ground.

Anyway… with this intro as it could not be otherwise…

The anniversary of Club Guajes Skate was a must to attend and share a jam session that besides doing what I love, this time I would not have to move to another city to skate with riders from other places.

It was a full house, where parents, family and skaters had prepared a long day of skate enlivened by the Zephyr Skate Bar of Mery and the delights of California Street food…

I still remember that day when the indoor skate school Guajes Skate Gijón.

So when I got my round I was calm, I was in…, as Quini (official speaker) said…, “Ceci Rules is in the house”. …. and that made me not to compete, it made me skate like one more Sunday of those that in winter we spend the afternoon hitting the bowl of the guajes!!!!.

My rounds in the open category, were fun, I threw some tricks that I love to do in this bowl and in which I feel comfortable which made me, luckily,  … not without some other mishap of warming up (again I burst the glasses … sorry Dad … this is skateboarding and not always gotcha ;-)).

So finally I won the first place in the open female category and like all of us who compete, winning is an incredible feeling even more if you do it in Guajes Skate …

Ceci Rules a couple of tricks at Guajes Skate Club | Filmming and post produccion Darren Rules

But do you think it all ends like that? I guess not, right? The Skate indoor Guajes Skate Gijón still had something in store.

The Guerra brothers (Marcos and Jany) had even a little surprise prepared …. for the besttrick, something that I had never seen before in any competition and something that when I saw it …. made my legs tremble.

The best trick would consist of jumping over a pool ladder placed in the pool coping area ….. How?

at that moment I decided, without a doubt that I was not going to do it … guys the pool is the highest area of the bowl and also a pool ladder!!!…. Are we crazy?…

But in a sibylline way … Quini, how not, told me “That Ceci …. Don’t you give him? …. So I had to swallow my fear with my skates…. and hit it as if there was no tomorrow…..y believe me, as if there was no tomorrow.… so it was gotcha or die… and luckily I get it!!! with a backside air a melon that did NOT make me take the best trick… but it made me get out of the comfort zone another day more!!!!

Without a doubt, this indoor skateboard means a lot to me,

without a doubt, it is part of my story and how I approach who I am as a rider and as a person …so from here and publicly I thank you for teaching me that skateboarding is much more than a simple pass time!!!! THANK YOU GUAJES