SkatePark Ostia, RM | Imagen from  Abitarea Roma

Skateboarding World Championship 2023


Skateboarding World Championship 2023

I’m 15 years old and since I started skateboarding, my passion for skateboarding has gone from being a sport that I love to become my lifestyle. I’ve grown since I was 9 years old from park to park and city to city, which has made me grow as a person and as a rider. I’ve always loved the feeling of freedom that skateboarding gives me and especially the competition, which has given me that extra feeling. But I never imagined that one day I could have the opportunity to compete at world level and represent my country in such an important competition in the World Skateboarding Championships!

¡¡¡Today I want to share with you a dream that makes me jump with emotion, laugh, cry … and that every time I think about it I still do not believe it!!!!

Skate Park el cerro Gijón

Ceci Rules at home | FS Rock

This past Saturday, my father received a call from the national coach and professional rider Alain Goikoetxea, his technical team and the national skate committee (CNS)… where I was invited to be part of the national expedition that will represent our country in the Word Champion Skate tour 2023 in the city of Rome.

The Ostia skate park, located in the outskirts of Rome will be the chosen place, being this a real gem for any skateboarder and a place where the best skaters in the world will demonstrate their skills in a perfect bowl that had fascinated me for a long time and where, now, I can finally skate it in the company of the best skaters in Spain supporting us.

Convocados Selección Nacional Skateboard 2023

Convocados | Fuente Comité nacional Skate . More info here

Championship SKATEBOARD OSTIA, roma

I’m still assimilating the opportunity: nerves, a lot of desire, fear, respect …… all mixed in a bowl of emotions that motivates me to train every day until the celebration of the event to help my teammates to put our selection in the best possible place. For me it’s not only about the competition, but the fulfillment of a dream since more than 6 years ago when I started skating in the local skate park of Gijon, El Cerro. It’s about sharing unforgettable moments with other skaters from around the world, exchange experiences and meet many of the riders I follow since I started skateboarding, I do not know … but I lack words to express the feeling … but it’s “the OSTIA”.

Since the news was published last Saturday, there have been many of you who contacted me to share the moment with me, to which I sincerely thank you a million times, as well as congratulations to the rest of the team of those called..

No doubts about, I face a challenge in this skateboarding world championship and I can only thank all the people who have always been with me, those who make it possible for me to learn new tricks, those who help me get up when I fall, those who make it possible for me to keep growing as an athlete… and that Gijón, Asturias will accompany me to Rome…

¡¡¡Thank you and I promise you that I will fight the challenge that has been put in front of me, ripping like there is no tomorrow.!!!!!!