Skateboard Championship “EL BOLLO”.

CR As every year at Easter for 13 years the industrial city of Aviles, located very close to the emblematic beaches of Salinas and Xago becomes the epicenter of the looks of the Skate sector in Spain.

The Skate Championship of “El Bollo” is a regional event with a weight of 13 years behind him and where only events like the “O Marisquiño” can boast more experience and seniority.

Championship “El Bollo” of Aviles one of the so-called Classics in Skateboarding in Spain…

Since its first edition coinciding with the inauguration of the Skate Park of Las Magdalena, the bun every year brings together a large number of the most emblematic Skates of all time in the national scene, since this its usual evidence of Sub 16, Open and best trick … also leaves room for a test over 40.

For my part, I could say that, although it is not a scoring test for the national circuit is one of my favorites. Why? …. Very easy, the cupcake is a Skate Park that brings together the best of the two modalities (parke and street) and where it requires not only a great physical form but you must be very aware that the skate board is not park or street …. if it is not “the cupcake”. And why not to say it also … because it is only half an hour drive from my house ;-)

The Skate Park de la Magdalena is a spot that requires strength, skill and a lot of skateboarding.

This year and as always we have had visitors from many parts of Spain, Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Castilla … and the weather … has been something incredible with a bright sun and an average of 22 degrees. All this has allowed each rider to get the best and we had a great day of skateboarding among friends and families!!!

Feeber en skater park Encinitas

Two two-minute rounds to prove your worth?

As in the last edition I registered in the open female category in which through a jam session of 2 minutes where all the girls throw our best repertoire of tricks and where the judges must assess, fluidity, speed, skill, technique, elegance and level of the tricks in all parts of parke …

and believe me it is a park that your legs after the round really tell you why?

Early in the afternoon my qualification round was launched and then, after my qualification, mid-afternoon were the finals of Open Women and Open Men.

As in every occasion there were nerves, there was fear, because let’s not forget this is Skate Board and what you have ironed all day …. can fail (hence the terrifying question of the “why” of your legs …. apart from the fact that the Emas finalists are also there for the same thing …).

Fortunately I ironed most of the tricks that made my score enough points to win for the second consecutive year with the victory in my absolute open female category, sharing the podium with an idol, friend and better person, as some call him., “El Alquimista” Danny Leon.!!!!

From here congratulations to all the skaters who have skated in their categories as the winner of U10 Mauro “Gato”, Adri Moreno in U16, U10 female Nahia Castro, U16 female Eneritz Vales and the skate riot “Paisanos sesiónelos” to Ibone Mariño!!!!

Obviously thank my friends and locals like Iyo, Alvaro, Alex, Hugito Arnaz, my good friend Anne, fellow countrymen like Foni, Lolo, I don’t know what …this is El Bollo… and above all thank those who have made this Skate party possible one more year, either in the form of sponsors, organizers, riders or attendees… from now on… counting days for “El Bollo” skate Aviles 2024 !!!!