Skate Park Pau France

Recuerdo those autumns when I was no more than 5 or 6 years old and we used to escape to what my father called “The European California” and where I could almost sleep on the beach with the sound of the sea waking us up in the morning…. That special place was only 5 hours away from home and where years later I would discover happiness… but that’s another post ;-)

As I’ve been growing up and traveling I’ve been able to love everything the neighboring country has and taking advantage of every Skate Park, and every spot that helps me improve my technique.

In other articles I will talk about Campbreton, Biarrit or Hossegor but in this I would like to tell you the secrets of a location just over an hour from the border with Spain towards the city of Lourdes, as if it were a miracle is the beautiful city of Pau surrounded by mountains, which houses a secret inside in the form of absolutely perfect Skate Park.

The Skate Park Pau maintains the essence of the parke of competition in the style of a vans park, but let me say that this with a heavenly finish where you have a pool so vertical and so perfectly placed that you are going to enjoy … I assure you.

Among its infinite possible lines it has several hips where you can try those indie flips that I’ve been fighting for months … but if there is something that I love is definitely the central dune style CA-TF in California (this will be for another post ;-)) … In Pau’s park you can fly with the intensity that your level allows you and start to technify maneuvers that in other parks would be impossible while you enjoy the hospitality of the local riders !!!!.

Si nunca has estado,  volverás.

Ceci Rules en Paw Skatepark

Everything you always dreamed of is available at the Skate Park of Pau

It has different spines, a plane ready to mark you something that makes you feel phenomenal and a polished worthy of being in the Louvre of Paris…. which allows you to rip it whether you have a very very initial level or if you are already able to do level tricks!!!!

If you haven’t been there yet, you can’t miss it, and if you already know it … hope to see you there!!!! If you need some recommendations on where to sleep, where to eat or how to get there

…… contact to me Here ;-)