CR Rules on route life, what is it? in simple words #rulesonroute is a simple hashtag but for me it means much more.

It’s a way of living, it’s a state of mind, it’s the way we face each day… in short, each person has their own way of escaping and creating… their own path. For me #rulesonroute is the moment when each journey begins, unfolds and makes me come home with an incredible personal value.

Some time ago my father started to take me on trips and help me to get to know the world around me

in every trip I discover, in every trip I learn and in every trip I get to meet people creating a network of people with the same passion as me.

Rules on route in my way of skating, sometimes for a competition, sometimes for the simple pleasure of riding places and spots that I see in the videos … that’s the way of life that I have chosen and on which I get my moments of happiness. No matter if the adventure is far or near, when the weekend approaches I can’t wait to load my backpack in the van and start riding miles to my favorite spots, from this website you will travel with me in my #rulesonroute you will be one more and you will learn to do the tricks I do, because just as I have learned from others, you and I will learn together. …. #rulesonroute is the way in which skaters, surfers or adventurers live the moment.

#soycecirules & #soyskater

rules on route viajes

Find out how, which or where is the place you dream of.

Through my blog I will narrate and present skate parks, riders, or spots where some will be known by many and maybe others not so much, because a #rulesonroute you know where it starts but never where it ends…. ! that’s my lifestyle … LiveLikeyouWant!!!!!