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O Marisquiño 2023 Vigo


O Marisquiño 2023

Another year that ends one of the most important festivals in Spain, in which athletes of different modalities Skate, Bike, Free style, etc we meet in the coastal city of Vigo and in which this 2023 has returned to the wonderful beach of Samil….. good weather, beach and sport … can not fail … that’s the secret of more than two decades of history that OM carries on his shoulders.

As I started this post, still with the sounds echoing in my head, I can’t wait to talk about my experience in this OM23 edition and tell you how it went from my participation in the skateboarding championship that the city of Vigo booked for the whole weekend under the World Cup Skateboarding!

¡¡Boys and girls riding at the highest level and that would make the beach of Samil the world center of skateboarding in the form of ramp and street under the supervision of the prestigious World Cup skateboarding!!

As every year since 4 years ago, 😄 I participated in the absolute mixed category (women and men) in the miniramp modality with some of the best skaters of our country and others from all over Europe, with a list of registered riders close to 70 riders.

OM 23 by Ceci Rules

Lets throw a party:

Friday, goal… to pass the first cut and access to semis, which, I had to be in the top 15 among the more than 40 riders who were registered, and after overcoming two rounds of 35 seconds I finally managed to qualify in 6th position for semifinals !!!!

Saturday, goal … it was really hard, because, the 15 skaters that we had qualified for semis had to compete with 15 other skaters who had automatically qualified without going through Qualifications, were craks, had experience and above all were fresh. Here were some of the boys and girls of international name … as the Olympian Julia Benedetti just arrived from a month of intensive training in the States, Larrun classic of this mini, Carranza well known, George Poole followed him for years, Adri Moreno a boss in this mini or the Asturian Iyo ripper born of this ramp …. among others… so it was not going to be easy, which would force me to rip to the maximum…

O Marisquiño 2023 Vigo

Ceci rules  O marisquiño, Samil | Fuente:Photo publicated by OM at IG

O mariquiño 2023 Semis , 

Two rounds separated me from the final… although I knew and had clear that an absolute mixed at that level are big words and focused all my mind on the goal of overcoming my record of last year where I had been in the top 30 (27th)… so I only had two rounds of 35 seconds and a lot of desire… I disconnected the competition mode and threw a repertoire of tricks that I love in the extension, in the over, grinde the coping in nose, in tail, lipeslides … everything that came to my mind depending on how I arrived from the previous trick … and the sound of how Samil roared ... I knew that passing to the finals was almost impossible … which meant taking the pressure off and having fun!!!!

Finally, I didn’t make the cut to the final, but I had achieved my goal by placing 15th (only 4 places away from making it to the finals) … but the most incredible thing of all is that..,

I had placed as the first woman in the O Marisquiño 2023 ranking in the absolute mixed MiniRamp category!

My congratulations to all who have skated, beyond the 35 seconds, we have shared ramp, moments, laughs and above all we have brought new tricks to each other in a championship atmosphere and pure skater energy at O Marisquiño 2023 Vigo

 OM23 result categories miniramp y street here

Keep skating, keep traveling and keep living skateboarding!!!!! … one day less for the O mariquiño 2024… thanks to World Cup Skateboarding and thanks to the city of Vigo!!!!!!

¡¡¡And above all, thanks to my “mates on board” who accompany me on my journey and make it all happen.!!!