Mount Hawke Indoor Skatepark

CR Mount Hawke Indoor Skatepark

Today I want to share with you my exciting trip to Newquay to attend an amazing skateboarding championship at the legendary Mount Hawke Indoor Skatepark near NewQuay.

As always, everything started with a #rulesonroute… driving from Gijón to Santander airport and a flight to London. Once there, a bus from Standsted and on to Exeter, with a transfer at Heathrow. A trip to Exeter by road where after almost 3 hours our friends Posh Pose & Ilze were waiting for us… to drive …one more hour through the secondary roads of the south of England until finally, we arrived to our most awaited destination: Newquay.

In Newquay, the skate culture is vibrant and welcoming as well as having incredible open ocean beaches with plenty of surfable peaks …. if you wear at least a 5/4 wetsuit.

Ceci Rules Newquay village

Newquay Harbour | Ceci Rules viaje por UK 

The next morning, I was anxious to go to meet my goal, which was none other than the mythical indoor skatepark MountHawke. Its fame precedes several of the people I follow on IG like Lola, George, Tay, Cassius…they are locals and I love meeting people who do the same as me beyond the “likes”.

So we took the car with the steering wheel upside down, “how cool to sit on the driver’s side ;-)” … and we headed to Waterworks where I found a park recognized as one of the best in the UK and a bowl championship in front !!!!

The next days the plan was clear, in the mornings hit Mount Hawke… and in the afternoons venture into the local skate parks, and the lesser known spots, that local artist Post Pose and Ilze would reveal to me* !!!so it was looking crazy!!!!!

*Did you know that Newquay has a rebuilt Church as a gathering place for Surfers and Skaters to watch videos, share rides and rip a mini over a cup of Tee?

Ceci Rule Skate Park Mount Hawke

 Mount Hawke |Ceci Rules viaje por UK 

Skate Park Mount Hawke

But let’s get down to business, after a few days there came the event I was waiting for, the Bowlggedon was ready, the girls and guys, locals not only welcomed me as one more but they helped me in everything, as well as the organization SkateBoard GB, which I especially want to thank them for all the details and facilities they gave me so that I could participate!!! Thank you skateGB.

And the rest, was to ride and give it ….

I had two rounds of 45 seconds ahead of me, a park I barely knew and an incredible desire to skate with the locals …. No matter what happened, it was already 1000. After two rounds, where the first one went very well and which made me go to the final as first in the group… I had time to try the vert, the kidney pool, the street zone, the pumptrack zone… I wanted to try everything and I did …. believe me I did it !!!! and that eagerness to try everything … jijiji I got my bill, because it certainly made me get to the final, exhausted and where with a smaller advantage than in the qualifiers to finals but enough I managed to get the victory against some rivals from whom I learned a lot and with whom I keep in touch!!!!

Now I only had one return trip left, with some transfers, but this time I would go down by train from the famous city of Plymouth, but with a mandatory stop in the iconic city of London, where history and underground merge in a surprising way. Strolling through the bustling streets of London, I found some spots and kerbs (although street is not my thing I like to see what tricks they throw and try some stuff) as well as seeing some of the most iconic monuments to historic squares, London is a good place to find local skaters ripping kerbs, impossible railings and admire the pure RAD skateboarding.

This trip has been a dream come true, combining the urban culture of London, the natural beauty of the south of England and the passion of skateboarding in Newquay, definitely an unforgettable chapter that I have already marked for the 23rd agenda!!!!


Film from my trip | by Post Pose