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La Kantera Skate Session


La Kantera Skate Session

Today, I’ll take you on a journey to one of the most amazing places for skate enthusiasts, a legendary spot in Euskadi: La Kantera skatepark in Getxo. Imagine a place where every corner is a challenge, where history and urban art come together, and where riders from all over the world come through… Welcome to La Kantera!

At this spot, skaters find challenges in every hip, in every transition, and in every radio. A bowl that’s rough but helps me push my limits and step out of what some call the comfort zone, La Kantera is a constant test that both excites and scares me.

For beginners, there are friendly obstacles to learn and improve your skills on the upper section with various quarters and some smaller pool areas. But if you’re an experienced skater, there will always be a challenge waiting for you!

“The transitions are beastly, the lower part is nearly vertical and has an almost oververt feel, thanks to the historic pool.” ;-)

…The deep end area is deep, and the connecting hips… they are only for the boldest. For now, they are not for me, but undoubtedly, every day I rip this park, excitement and respect blend into something I can’t quite define. It pushes me to try something new, but always with caution, aiming to fail, and wearing all the protective gear we should have.

But La Kantera is more than just a skatepark. It’s a place where respect and community are important.

It’s an environment where everyone is welcome, and if you respect, you’ll be warmly received. Some of my friends from Vizcaya are locals at this park, and that helps me catch the lines and try their favorite tricks, which helps me grow as a skater.

Finally, La Kantera in Getxo, Euskadi, is a magical place for any skate enthusiast. The difficulty of the skatepark is part of its charm, and its history, atmosphere, and urban art make it unique in the skate world. If you haven’t had the chance to visit this iconic spot yet, I encourage you to do so.

Overall, the Basque Country has some of the best skateparks in Spain, some private, and others public. So if you love skating and want to get to know a community of skilled skaters, La Kantera is a must-stop for you!🤙😄

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