Hossegor skate & surf is well known for its world famous Gabriere wave, and for its mythical outlets where it is very easy to get lost and find the best bargains in terms of equipment from the best brands in the industry. But apart from materials, great bistros … housed on a first floor hidden among the dozens of stores is a kidney built in wood and with an incredible pool cooping.

The first time I arrived at this hidden paradise I could not believe it... at the back of a store and up some stairs to what I thought would be a second floor of a typical skate store… I could not believe that hidden paradise existed right there. Its name is Lepark and as I said access is only through the store where you pay an entrance fee of one euro and you have at your disposal as long as you want the indoor. Its accesses at the level of schedules attend to the opening hours of the store and all the times I’ve gone is not a very crowded place, perhaps because of ignorance or perhaps because it is away from the nearby urban centers … but certainly a fun skate park while demanding …..

LE PARK allows to learn to skate the pool cooping in a fluid way and where to begin to fit your axes on stone to get your first feebles, smithgrains, tail slides or any other maneuver that you love to hear how roars in aluminum of your axes against the stone….. Take a look at my gallery where I leave you some pictures of the indoor!!!!

How to get to Lepark

Here is the dirección and coordinates to access Lepark  n your next trip to Hossegor!!!!