Green actitud by Ceci

Green actitud by Ceci is something that I have not invented, is something that is not a novelty but rather I pick up the baton of other skaters who try to help other riders by way of donation of our equipment thus helping the environment.

Have you ever thought about how many boards are used in the world by the entire skateboarding community? Some were obviously destroyed because depending on where you skate on asphalt, pool or wood … the durability of skateboards are limited.

Green attitude by Ceci, is about reusing our skateboards to the maximum and giving them a second life.

How?, sometimes my boards are going to be reused, either by other riders who are starting and to start in their first maneuvers or just take their first ripes, perhaps even without knowing if this sport is their passion, they do not have to invest money in buying new equipment. At other times when the board is broken, is very touched …. Are you a craftsman of wood? do you have your creativity at the disposal of our planet? … This is about way of life and how to keep on living!!!!

Feeber en skater park Encinitas

Green Actitud by Ceci

From now on!!! from now on through my social media (@ceci_rules) I will upload a story giving the exact location of where I will leave my skateboard in each upara that some rider can reuse, create or simply make our world a greener place thanks to the joint attitude of all together.

Stay tuned to my profiles and don’t miss my next story and maybe you’ll find a QR code with an additional surprise ;-)