Cerro Gijon Skate Park

CRCerro Gijon Skate Park is without any doubt the part of my city where I spend more time. Located in the neighborhood of cimadevilla and in an enclave under the Praise of the Horizon called the Cerro de Santa Catalina has the best sunset in the world!!!.

The skate park “El Cerro” name that has taken from its own location under the praise of the horizon, in the Cerro de Santa Catalina was built in 2001 and currently has received some other “reform” but still retains the essence of a park not for beginners.

Skaters of several generations have passed through the hill and although we all agree that the administrations should make significant improvements in terms of safety, design, etc., we always agree in conversations between us on how to improve it or how to modify it …. even so …. a place that you love and hate at the same time.

When I started skating, back in 2018, every time my father took me to the park I always got angry and pouted at him because I didn’t like it, his big planes, his lack of water or his oversized pool was like …. “but as the years went by and I got to know every corner step by step …. today is a parker with rough lines, fun and ideal for starting to move from an initial level to something harder.

Cerro Rat Bowl

It seems strange but … sometimes we share sunsets and ripe with that kind of not so small rodents…. what makes me perdir from here to my illustrious city council to fix the weeds that allows us to create a suitable place for our furry friends!!!.

No seriously… from the east side of the skatepark, just above the big pool cooping you can enjoy some of the best sunsets in Gijon and where the lights against the backdrop of the mythical shipyards of Gijon!!!!! So, if you have never been to the park, don’t wait any longer, choose a sunny day and come to give it to him!!!!.

Ceci Rules FS air
How to get to the Gijon Skate Park

Here you have the address and coordinates to access the skate parks  in your next Gijón!!!!