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I still remember the first time I got on a skateboard, I was 10 years old, and since then I’ve never stopped doing it…”


Hi I’m Ceci Rules and I’ve been skating since I was 10 years old, I still remember the moment when my father took me for the first time to a Skate Park, at that time I had recently abandoned my career as a gymnast, which I practiced since I was 3 years old until I was 9… and I decided to change and start surfing.

The initial idea, from my father, was that by skating I would improve in the carving and get more fluidity …. but it was not like that. From that moment I saw those guys doing all kinds of maneuvers mounted on the skate and inside an “empty pool” of wood …. something changed in mind … I wanted to do that too !!!!

And that’s how he started skating when he was 9 years old (almost 10), at the beginning because he wanted to improve and nowadays because it’s my passion.

#this is Ceci Rules & I’m going to be a #skaterprofessional will you join me?


Maybe this section, I shouldn’t call it best moments, I’m not sure yet, partly because I would need a lot of space to describe the incredible moments I spend skating with my friends from Bilbao, Madrid, Malaga, Valencia, Burgos, Coruña, Santander, Sevilla… and of course from here, from Asturias… I’m Ceci Rules Skater,

But if I would like to reflect a little my career at the level of championships and where I begin to have a small participation in the National Women’s Skate Board.

In 2020, I started to participate in the Basque circuit (without scoring for not being a local skater) but at that time served to measure myself to the best riders of the moment and where a mental level would help me to place myself and understand where I wanted to go.
My first national, was street in Santander back in 2020 in full pandemic and where … be the last … gave the starting signal to that in 2021 I move to the national championship of parke held at the Skate Park Camas (Sevilla) and where I got to get the 9th in the absolute category ….

There is still a long way to go but I already had the secret to keep moving forward…..EFFORT & MOTIVATION




  • CAMPIONSHIP  WORK SKATE  Park Pro Dubai Marzo 2024 (UAE)

    27º Position Absoluto Women

  • SPANISH SKATE CAMPIONSHIP (CNS) November 2023 (Skatepark Rube Alcántara)

    3º Position Absoluto Women

  • SPANISH SKATE Park LEAGE CAMPIONSHIP (CNS) Octobre 2023 (Coruña)

    3º Position Absoluto Women

  • CAMPIONSHIP  WORLD SKATE TOUR Park Pro ROME Octobre 2023 (Italy)

    27º Position Absoluto Women

  • CAMPEONATO “O mariquiño” World Skateboarding Cup Rampa Agosto 2023 (Galicia)

    13º Posición Absoluto mixto Internacional

    1º Women open Ramp

  • CAMPIONSHIP “Salinas Long Board Festival ” Parque July 2023 (Asturias)

    1º Position Open Women

  • CAMPIONSHIP “FORCAT” Parque July 2023 (Asturias)

    1º Position  Open Women

  • CAMPIONSHIP “EL BOLLO” Parque Abril 2023 (Asturias)

    1º Position Absoluto Women

  • CAMPIONSHIP “1º Prueba Nacional England” Skate board GB Bowl Febrero 2023 (UK)

    1º Position  Open Femenino

  • CAMPIONSHIP”Nacional España” CNS Rampa Noviembre 2022 (Malaga)

    4º Posición  Open Women 16

    4ºPosición Absoluto Femenino

  • CAMPIONSHIP “EL Gochu” Rampa Septiembre 2022 (Asturias)

    1º Position  Open Woman

  • CAMPIONSHIP “Omariquiño” Rampa Agosto 2022 (Galicia)

    2º Position  Open Women

    28º Posición Absoluto mixto Internacional

  • CAMPIONSHIP “FORCAT” Parque July 2022 (Asturias)

    2º Position  Mixto sub 16

  • CAMPIONSHIP “SOPELANA” Park May 2022 (Circuito Vasque Country)

    4º Position Open Absoluto Women

  • CAMPIONSHIP “EL BOLLO” Parque April 2022 (Asturias)

    1º Position Absoluto Women

  • CAMPIONSHIP “CASTILLA Y LEON” Parque November 2021 (Valladolid)

    1º Position Open Absoluto Women

    1º Posición Open Femenino Sub16

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Ceci Rules Skater

“Puede que no llegues a la cima, pero si estás haciendo lo que amas, hay mucha más felicidad allí que ser rico o famoso.” 

by Tony Hawk
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